G & M delivers when it comes to cold chamber aluminum die casting and miniature zinc die casting. All die casters use similar equipment. One thing that distinguishes G & M is its people. Good die casting comes down to how you control the process. It takes tenured, conscientious workers to get the best from even the most up-to-date equipment.

G & M does more than cast metal. Our secondary services allow us to tailor your cast component to your specifications from machining to special finishes. Let us know your needs. We have the in-house capabilities and outside contacts to make your wishes a reality.

G & M delivers quality product on our customers’ timing. For customers without their own forcasting programs, we achieve this by learning our customers’ businesses. As a relationship grows, the G & M staff tries to learn peak times so it can anticipate inventory needs. This way, G & M can keep more components in stock and react to unforeseen trends in the industry.